WIPpet Wednesday & ROW80: Moving Forward

Oh what a crazy week it’s been since last Wednesday! I didn’t check in on Sunday for ROW80 because I was crazy busy setting up for my cousin’s graduation party and praying that the rain would stay away until AFTER it was over. Thankfully, it did, for the most part. There was a bit of sprinkles here and there, but people were still swimming and bouncing around in the bounce house my aunt rented. Yeah, my 18 year old cousin and her friends wanted a bouncy house. LOL (And yeah, I got in it, too. Those things are hard to get out of!) Needless to say, in terms of ROw80, I did make all my goals last week (WOOHOO!!!) and kept my goals for this week the same.

I did want to mention that, Friday, I went off on an epic rant based on some crazy stuff that had been happening, well, everywhere in the world and wrote a pretty passionate post (imo, anyway). It’s not political or anything, and actually discusses the need for diversity not only in life, but also in the books we read. I’d love to hear what others -both writers and readers- think on the subject, so feel free to read that and comment, if you’d like to chime in. There is also an AMAZING video from John Legend (swooooon!) I embedded in that post that I think everyone should watch.

Okay, so, time for another snippet, yeah? Today I’ll be giving you 21 paragraphs (7+15+2+0+1-4=21) from Wanted (Ashten Falls, #2). Many of these paragraphs are short (some just one line) since there is a bunch of dialogue in this scene. For a bit of context, this scene is between Sam and his best friend, Roger. Sam and Emma had a pretty epic fight when he found that she was writing a story on him (and others in town). (She’s a freelance writer).  Sam was not happy about this when he found out. A fight ensued, things were said (some of them not so nice), and he walked out. This unedited scene occurs after their fight in the MS, about one week after in the timeline (Note: this isn’t as hot as last week, but there is some language…Sam and Roger swear a lot, especially when one, or both, are mad about something. LOL):

“What a fucking miserable week,” Sam muttered as he drove another nail into the floor. He’d been spending some time here lately, alone, working off his anger and frustration on the unfinished space. The plan had always been to get this place done, so he could rent out the bottom lofts and move into this one. Something had been holding him back though. And now, now that he had time and energy to work on it, it was the last place he wanted to be. His mind had been elsewhere all week. He’d been blowing off Roger and staying away from the bookstore. And he wouldn’t even drive by the motel, let alone go in it. He’d asked Tracey to get some of his clothes and things he needed. And she did it, but she’d been pissed. She walked into the loft, tossed his stuff on the floor, and called him a jackass before storming back out.

So much for sibling loyalty.

He continued to pound mercilessly at the floor. He glanced back as the elevator door opened and Roger walked out, pizza in one hand, a case of beer in another.

“Come on, old man. You’ve been torturing this floor and yourself, enough. Get off your ass and talk to me.”

Sam pushed himself up and sauntered over to the workhorses he’d set up for a table. He grabbed a beer from the case. “What are you, my fucking therapist? We need to talk about our feelings or some shit?”

Roger grunted. “No man, I ain’t that. But I see your miserable and a certain woman is even more so. She won’t look me or anyone in the eye and has been avoiding her friends over whatever went down between you two. So tell me what the fuck happened.”

Sam kept his mouth shut until after he’d eaten two slices of pizza and was working on his second beer. “She’s writing a story for some magazine about the town, some tourist magazine. It’s a series, about the town, it’s businesses and some of it’s residents. From what I saw she’s done a great job and gotten a ton of great stuff. She’s profiling Rose, Steve, Cooper and Kyla. Even Tommy.”

“Yeah, so what the fuck is the problem?”

“She’s got you and me, too. And she has all this, I don’t know, background information and quotes from people about what they think of us. All this bullshit about us being heroes, some stuff about Cheryl, our businesses. I read it and I flipped out.”

Roger’s silence was heavy and permeated the large space. Sam waited for Roger to lose his shit, eyeing any nearby object which could become a victim of his rage.

“You need to say you’re sorry.”

Sam nearly choked on his beer. “What did you say?”

“You heard me. You fucked up, you need to apologize.”

“What the fuck did I do?” Sam stood, his defenses up, again.

“You freaked out over things other people said. She was collecting information, Sam. Yeah she should have told you, but she isn’t some evil mastermind trying to use the information for dark purposes. She’s trying to bring business and tourism back. She trying to do something good for a place she didn’t even grow up in and has no loyalty to. I don’t like it when people call us heroes, either. You know that. But that’s how they see us. We can’t change that unless we want to be dicks, which we aren’t. At least, not most of the time. Getting pissed off about it, and fighting with someone you care about over things neither she nor you can control, is fuckin stupid. So get your head out of your ass, and apologize.” Roger grabbed another slice of pizza and shrugged. “And ya know, you could always offer to give her the information she needs yourself. I’d be happy to talk to her, as long as my business is the primary focus. That would give you back some of the control you’re freaking out about losing.”

When the fuck had Roger become the sage of reasonableness and rationality? Had Sam entered another dimension? He grabbed another beer and his hammer. He was annoyed. Everything Roger said made sense. Sam had lost his mind and ruined a great night, and a great relationship, over his own inability to accept how people saw him. Why the fuck did he care, anyway? He knelt down and grabbed another piece of flooring.

“You going to work or go to your girl?”

“I need to think,” Sam bit out. How the hell was he going to make it up to Emma for being a prime asshole?

“It’s going to work out. No way she’d look this miserable if she didn’t want you back.” He grabbed some nails and an extra hammer. “Let’s finish this floor. Maybe in about ten years, this place will be ready for you to move in to.”

“Shut the fuck up, man,” Sam muttered.

Roger’s laugh echoed around the loft, and Sam couldn’t help but smile. 

Yeah, Sam messed up, big time! Which of course means, there will be a grovel coming. I love a good grovel. 😀

And now for my weekly ROW80 update. I’m happy to report I’ve made a bunch of progress with my writing. I’ve gotten quite a bit of revisions done on West Merriton, and I’ve continued to add to my word count on the PNR WiP I’m working on. Oh, and I also started working on a possible novella idea I came up with, but I’m not doing anything serious with it. I’m mainly just dabbling in it whenever the urge strikes. So, here are my goals for the week, and how I’ve been doing this week:

  • Write or revise a minimum of 1 hour every day: I’m continuing to hit this goal daily which makes me a very, very happy writer. 
  • Post a minimum of one ROW80 Update per week
  • Post a non-ROW80 post once per week: This will likely be my weekly Book Blog Walkers update and Friday Fusion posts, just like last. Feel free to check them out, if you’d like!
  • Walk 5 times per week: It’s been another stormy week this week so other than Sunday, I didn’t get any walks in. That’s okay though, I’ll get ’em every day the rest of the week. (And bonus–> the weather is going to be a lot cooler…only 70-75 so this will be perfect walking weather for me!)


All in all, things are going well in terms of my goals. How are you doing? Are summer plans and vacations making you tweak your goals at all or did you consider that when making your goals? I hope you’re having a great week and good luck the rest of the week!!

10 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday & ROW80: Moving Forward

  1. I loved this scene. In fact, I think there’s a comment of “Go, Roger!” in my notes 😉 And I may have muttered “idiot” in the previous scene. Sam and Roger are so much like brothers. I love it.

    Great job on the progress you’ve been making! You’re doing great.
    Fallon recently posted…Writing Wednesday: Demanding charactersMy Profile

      1. Actually…no. LOL That’s on the list for sure (and I have a few notes for it!). This one came to me while I was ranting on the blog the other day (well, that and a dream I had the night before. :D) I’ve only written the first couples scenes, but it’s been fum to play around with new characters and ideas.

        And yes, Sam was such an idiot in the scene before this, LOL!

    1. I loved writing Sam and Roger. These two have been best friends forever and definitely tell it like it is, when they need to. It makes me want to skip ahead a book and write Roger’s story…but I have to learn to be patient. LOL

      And Roger, well, he tends to not talk much, unless it’s to flirt with a woman. So when he gets all philosophical and waxes poetic, it’s a big deal. 😀 Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. This line, “When the fuck had Roger become the sage of reasonableness and rationality?” Oooooh yeah. I think I’ve used a variation of that regarding one of my close friends. Or it was used regarding me. *shrug* Priceless either way. And a great excerpt. I love the interaction between these two, and the way Roger catches Sam off-guard with all the good advice.

  3. Good scene, Kat. Can’t wait for the grovel… definitely need a good grovel here (and considering what little I know of Emma, she’s going to make sure he does his time, yes?)

    Only thing that caught was the opening “fuck”…. It seemed like I was missing some of the stew that would lead to this. Like it felt abrupt knowing how much he must have been fuming and ranting to himself.
    Eden recently posted…Moderately UnscathedMy Profile

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