ROW80 Round 3: Let’s Try This Again

Well, here I go again. Last round, I started strong but ended with a sputter. I didn’t even have time in my schedule to post an overview of how I did.

Since last week I’ve been trying to figure out what happened, why I didn’t finish strong as I used to. And I have to say, that after a lot of thought, I think much of it has to do with the fact that I have so many books I want to write (or have started), that even when I set goals, I can sometimes get overwhelmed and just stare at my computer, uncertain where to start. It seems as if the more specific my goals are, the worse I do when it comes to achieving them. Isn’t that, backwards? Well, whether it’s backwards or forwards, it just is. And I need to find a better way, a better plan, to get done what I want to.

First, let’s review the goals I set for myself earlier this year. (For specifics, you can check out my year goal post, HERE.) I wanted to finish several (read: 6) manuscripts which were all started, but in various stages of development. In Round 2, the focus was on “Wanted” and “West Merriton”.  I had hoped to finish the former and send to my CP, and complete revisions on the latter. Neither happened on the time table I set for myself. In fact, I didn’t even touch revisions on “West Merriton”.  As for “Wanted”, well I did finish this, then deleted the last three chapters because they sucked and I hated them. So, I’ve just sent that to my CP, sans the end, to see what she thinks, and will await the results of that.

Based on my year goals, I haven’t been doing that great, it seems. But, I did move forward. Just not as forward as I wanted to be. Or, maybe I was a bit over-zealous in my goals. Maybe I need to chill out and remember I’m human and things happen, life happens, and I can’t get everything done at the exact time I want to get it done. Yeah, I’m thinking I like this approach better than beating myself about it.

Maybe I should add that as a goal: do not beat self up for not hitting a goal post. Heh. That might work. 😀

Anyway, here are my Round 3 goals. I’m leaving them pretty vague, just “revise” or “read through”, and I’m hoping this will take a bit of pressure off me and by the end of the Round, maybe I’ll have gotten somewhere.

  • Make necessary changes to “Wanted” after I get it back from CP
  • “West Merriton”: Revise
  • “Ella”: complete read through and make notes
  • Complete CampNaNoWriMo: yeah, I’m doing CampNaNo, again. 😀 30k words is my goal. I’m already over 16k and it’s only day 6! 


Although I am talking about 3 different books here, this isn’t that much work. I’ve already finished the manuscripts for goals two and three. I just need to sit my butt in a chair and, if I can stay focused, I could finish those in less than a month. I’m not shooting to hit that mark though. I’m just going to relax and see where each week takes me. Which brings me to this week’s goals. My weekly goals are what will change in my update posts. (I won’t likely bring up the Round goals unless I’ve made significant movement, or finish one of them.)

  • Write or revise a minimum of 1 hour every day
  • Post a minimum of one ROW80 Update per week
  • Post a non-ROW80 post once per week
  • Walk 3 times per week and attend Bootcamp twice. 


This is me, starting off the Round slow. I think this will work for me, especially with a big camping trip that will take place at the end of July and few weekend trips I have planned. How about you? Did you hit your marks the last Round or are you carrying over items, like me? Are you working on goals that will fit into your summer schedule? I hope everyone has a great kick-off to Round 3 and see you around the ROW!




3 thoughts on “ROW80 Round 3: Let’s Try This Again

  1. I tend to do better with more loosely defined goals, too. My mind needs freedom to flit from thing to thing (I have 8 current WIPs, not including my Enterprise fan fiction and the seeds of a novella series, short stories, and poetry).

    I have basic goals for the year, and shift the steps I’m taking to reach them. Often, there’s carryover, and I tend to underestimate the time I’ll need to complete any project.

    As for the goal of not beating yourself up, the only suggestion I have is that you change it to, “Be kind to myself, and celebrate my accomplishments.” Positive goals are easier to follow through on.

    You are rocking camp! You’ve got this! =)
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