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Book Review: Shelter Moutain (Virgin River Series, #2) by Robyn Carr

January 16, 2014 by Kat Morrisey

Title: Shelter Mountain (Virgin River, #2) 
Author: Robyn Carr
Publisher: Mira Books
Publication Date: May 1, 2007

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

From Goodreads:

John “Preacher” Middleton is about to close the bar when a young woman and her three-year-old son come in out of the wet October night. A marine who has seen his share of pain, Preacher knows a crisis when he sees one–the woman is covered in bruises. He wants to protect them, and he wants to punish whoever did this to her, but he knows immediately that this inclination to protect is something much more. Paige Lassiter has stirred up emotions in this gentle giant of a man–emotions that he has never allowed himself to feel.But when Paige’s ex-husband turns up in Virgin River, Preacher knows his own future hangs in the balance. And if there’s one thing the marines’ motto of “Semper Fidelis”–always faithful–has taught him, it’s that some things are worth fighting for.

My Thoughts:

So, first, last year I had planned to read the entire Virgin River series. This did not happen. I read one though. And loved it. Then I went back and read the first two books in the Grace Valley trilogy (still have one to go but I’m almost done). So between other books, my own writing, work, and then the hell that broke loose in October, I just didn’t get it done.

I have however collected a lot of this series in paperback from the used book sales at my local library. So, there’s a win! :)

But I digress. my point in telling you all this is that this year, I want to try the challenge again. Starting with the third book, I’m going to shoot for reading at least one of these books a month. I might not finish the entire series, but that goal should at least keep me on track. I hope! And now, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled program…the book review.

Preacher. *sighs*

What a guy. Tall, huge, sexy, the man can cook and yet, nearly silent. He’s quiet, wicked shy, and almost the oppsite of Jack.

But mess with him or the people he loves, and Preacher will tear you to shreds.

Need I say more? I love this guy. Usually I like my heroes more like Jack (and he is still my fave with Mike, the hero in the third book, running a close race with him), but Preacher has a special place in my heart.

I admit, I cried like a baby. No I sobbed at a few points in this book. Yeah, it was sad. Hearbreaking. I was not even a little prepared for that to happen.

I am really enjoying getting to see the folks in Virgin River. The town is lovely and the people there are just awesome.

I have to give this a 4 out of 5. And this month I’ll be reading more about Mike in Whispering Rock (Virgin River #3). I hope he gets fully recovered from his uh, injuries. Cause the one…well the one could put on a serious damper on things if it doesn’t. But either way, given the severity of the issue and everything he has to deal, I can’t wait to see how the author handles it.

As I read each of these books I am falling further and further in love with this series. Here are the purchase links and the link to Goodreads:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Goodreads

*This book was a self-purchase and I was not in any way compensated for this book review. All opinions are my own*

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  1. Sharlene Wegner says:

    I read the Grace Valley & entire Virgin River series & all of the books were excellent! I think Jack & Preacher are still my favorites & you do really get swept away emotionally. Mike’s book is good, too! By the way, I think you will also fall in love with Luke in Temptation Ridge. Another alpha hero with a soft side.

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