Celebrating Love, Romance, and You!

Ah, the holidays. Who doesn’t love this time of year? Here in upstate New York we already have snow. In fact, yesterday it came down in buckets…er, shovelful, all day! It looks like a winter wonderland out there, all pristine and bright. I made my first cup of Almond Milk and Hershey’s chocolate syrup last night, heating it up on the stove, adding a little vanilla. It makes a pretty amazing hot chocolate, let me tell you. :D And for once, my Christmas shopping is about 80% complete before the holidays even began!  So I’m ready for all the frenzied festive fun that comes after turkey day, right?

I feel like I’m forgetting something. What else do we need to get the holiday season started right? Christmas lights, wreaths, hard cider, a roaring fire, cookies, a new dress or two for the holiday parties coming up…I’ve got most of those checked off the list. Hmmmm. With all that, what else could we possibly need?

Oh. Wait.

How about romance, cuddling up with your loved one in front of a fire to stave off the chill in the air, and of course, happily ever afters!

All of which, in my opinion, are good anytime of year. :)

And what better way to celebrate the holidays than to read about people finding a place to call home and yes, falling in…



And since I write kissing books (heehee! I had to put the Princess Bride reference in there!) what better way to celebrate than to give accolades to you, the readers, who make this possible? Because without you, the readers and lovers of romance, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. None of us would. So I’ve teamed up with some great authors to give away some awesome books that focus on love, friendships, families, and of course, lots of romance!

Yep! A giveaway of books to celebrate you, the reader. And to thank you for the support and love you give us authors every time you buy and read our books, let us (and other readers) know what you think, engage with us on social media and in many cases become friends, and share your love of romance novels with those you know.

So this weekend after you’ve waded through the crowds at those Black Friday sales, curl up with a romance novel. I bet you’ll be glad you did!

And get this, we’ve got fourteen ebooks to give away just for being awesome supporters of romance, and lots of ways to enter and increase your shot at winning one of them!

Here are the books that are up for grabs. In the comments (and for one entry, so be sure to mark it off on the rafflecopter as completed!) let us know what book(s) peak your interest the most and/or what one you’d like to snuggle up with on a cold winter’s day. If it’s hard to choose (because, seriously…look at those awesome books!), let us know what you love most about reading romance novels! (Note: cover photos should take you to the books’ Goodreads page!)


Slow Ride by Kat Morrisey

Begin Again by Christy Newton

California Wine by Casey Dawes











Love and Other Games, an anthology

Holding Out for a Hero by Mari Manning











Duty to Protect by Fallon Brown

Love in a Small Town–a 10 book bundle of small town romances!!












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Good luck and I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, safe holiday season filled with love and laughter! (And don’t forget to share the love and romance, and chance to win, with your friends on twitter and facebook and other social media sites!)

[Terms and conditions of the contest are in the rafflecopter for your reading pleasure!   The contest closes at 1201am, December 2nd, and winners will be announced later that day. The only change in the contest policy is that your email address will be provided to the author whose book you’ve won.  By entering you acknowledge you’ve read and understood said rules. Remember, you must be 18 and a U.S. resident to win.]

Here We Are…Again

And like Round 2, I didn’t “finish” all my goals. In fact, in round 3 I downright sucked. I even gave up posting updates because it was all “I suck. I suck. I suck. And I suck…” when it came to my weekly updates.

But I really shouldn’t put myself down like that. No matter how many times I tell myself this though, or my friends (on and off line) tell me to stop it, I do it anyway.

And then I want to smack myself in the face with a frying pan so I stop doing that. I really wish I would just not be so hard on myself all the time. *sighs*

Well, that’s something else to work on…but not here. Here we’re dealing with writing and what I need to do to catch up.

In this instance I am happy to report that I refrained from using kitchen implements to assault myself. And after a review and reflection of my round failures I have decided that Round 4 is all about simple. As in keeping my weekly goals high enough to give myself a high five at the end of the week should I beat them, but not high enough that I berate myself if I don’t hit all my markers. I have a lot of things on my plate, including three jobs, plus my writing, which I also consider a “job” (it’s just one that I love! :D). So that’s four jobs…and with only 24 hours in the day and the need to sleep during some of that time, I need to keep everything in my life manageable.

While I didn’t update my progress in the last round, I was making some progress. It was slow, but it was progress, and for that I’m grateful. This means that I can move forward from Round 3, having completed some of those goals, and move forward on a few of my WiPs. So my goals for the Round (i.e. things I want to have done by the time this round ends) are:

    • Publish or Query “Wanted”: this is done. I just have to decide whether to self pub or query it. I’m seriously conflicted on this and all the reading and research I’ve done to try and make the decision easier is not helping. I need to make a decision though and hope to by the end of October.
    • Revise “West Merriton”: still no title for this but I’m slogging through the revision process which I started in July. So, yay! I think.
    • Revise Ella and Jake’s story: This one I need to print out and take my red pen to it. It’s a disaster, but one I’m determined to slay by Christmas.
    • Finish PNR: I’m already 20k words into this. And I have it all planned out in scrivener. This might be my NaNoWriMo project, if I do it. I still can’t decide. Are you doing NaNo?


Since I’m going to be working on different WiPs in their varying stages throughout this round my weekly goals are as follows:

    • Attack WiPs for at least 10 hours a week: whether this is me writing scenes/outlines (which is something I do often at work, and then type it up later) or sitting down to the laptop, I’ll count it toward the 10. I need to treat writing like a job, which for me, it is. So this means starting with a 10 hour “writing work week” and going up from there. It will also help me with time management skills and using the blocks of time I have in my schedule to write, between my jobs.
    • Walk 5 times per week: it’s getting colder, but I can’t use that as an excuse to not walk. I’m going to walk, and that’s that. *repeats this to self hourly*
    • Focus on publishing/marketing ‘stuff’ for 2 hours per week: hopefully this will help me come up with my answer about self pubbing “Wanted” or going the way of the query.


As I said, my weekly goals may change every now and then but for the most part, this is it. I’ve also decided that I’m only going to update once a week given everything I have going on. My work schedule just doesn’t give me enough time to post on Wednesdays, so it’ll be Sunday posts for me! :)

Are you ROW-ing this round? What are your goals? How do you keep everything organized and manageable during ROW80? Let me know in the comments and Happy Writing!

Take A Trip Through Small Town, America…

Where you’ll find strong and feisty heroines, hot heroes, bad guys and gals who may or may not be up to no good, and most importantly, small towns you’ll want to make yourself at home in.

Slow Ride is going to be one of ten books in the Love in A Small Town book bundle, which at the time of posting, is up for pre-order at Amazon for only 99 cents! Yep. For less than a buck you get ten full length romance books that take you from Maine to California with many stops in between.

So what is it about small towns that people enjoy so much? Is it the food? Being surrounded by family and friends you’ve known forever? Going from kindergarten to graduation all with the same classmates? Knowing the local merchants and professionals by their first names? Or maybe it’s just the feeling you get when you’re walking or driving down the street. The smile on your face when you wave at neighbors and friend; the dogs you greet as you walk because you’ve come to “know” them, just from your evening walks. Or maybe it’s the neighbor who gets your mail while you’re way and keeps an eye on your house. The same neighbor who calls hello and walks over when you’re out mowing the lawn or watering the flowers, just to shoot the breeze and see how life is treating you.

Photo by Bernt Rostad, via flickr. Creative commons license applies.

Photo by Bernt Rostad, via flickr. Creative commons license applies.

I know that for me, it’s all of the above, plus a whole lot more.  And though there are a few negatives of living in a small town, like everyone knowing what is going on in your life (or at least they think they know) since the town gossip(s) have blabbed to anyone who would listen, the trade off often seems worth it. And besides, if Ms. Mallory down the road doesn’t have anything to blab about you, well, that could mean you weren’t living life. ;)

Both the good aspects, and the not to good, are included in the town of Ashten Falls, a small town well north of Portland and nestled along the shores of Maine. You’ll find Main Street to be somewhat quiet, with little color and even less traffic. But then there’s the contrasting beach area, with it’s sun and, in June, chilly water. Off to the north, just past the broken down pier is the warehouse district with its mostly abandoned buildings and having once, long ago, seen better days. And then there is the police station, looking grey and foreboding as it loomed over the street and the citizens. But the first place you’ll see as you open the book is the long, winding road with its tall trees and wildflowers lining the road, creating a canopy of lush greenery that ushers the heroine towards Ashten Falls.

The main characters of Slow Ride are Kyla O’Grady and Cooper Moretto. Cooper is, in his heart and soul, a good guy. He’s loyal and loves his friends, and his town. And when he sees a wrong, he wants to make it right. He’s also stubborn, though, and can mess up. Kyla is feisty. She’s strong. She wants to make a difference. But she’s been through a lot. And in looking for a place to start fresh, she instead finds herself on the side of a road in the woods of Maine. What’s a girl to do with a broken mustang  named Lola and nowhere to go? Call for a tow, of course.

But this book isn’t just about Kyla and Cooper. While these are are the focus of Slow Ride, you’ll meet an entire cast of characters who make Ashten Falls come alive.  There’s Rose who owns and only motel in town and tries to take care of everyone; Steve who owns the bookstore and always has a hand in the goings on in town; Sam and Roger, best friends who went into the Armed Forces together and came home to help rebuild their lives after several tough deployments overseas; and Sarah, the woman who works as many jobs as she can so that one day soon she can open up her own cafe.  And we can’t forget Tommy, the go to man for all your EMT needs and whose stubborn streak is one I’m still wrestling with. And then there’s Phil, Cooper’s best friend from childhood who’s always good for a laugh and good conversation.

And that’ s just the people. I didn’t even get into the different places this town has to offer for entertainment. The music store and bookstore, of course. But then there’s Felicia’s and the motel bar, and of course the garage. The beach. where you can catch a few rays or take a run and seen in the distance is Sam’s club which he renovated from one of the old warehouses. Oh, and the diner! Because every town needs a good greasy spoon, no?

With all these places to visit and characters clamoring to be heard, you can bet there will be more Ashten Falls in the future. In fact, Sam and Emma’s story is near completion as we speak!

So, tell me, what do you love most about small towns, and small town romance novels? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to enter the contest for a shot at e-copies of the Love in a Small Town book bundle. Reviews (either positive or negative), as always, are appreciated but are in no way required to enter the contest, or win. I just enjoy spreading the love of books and writing to you all!

When you enter the contest you could win one of five copies of the Love in a Small Town book bundle (nook or kindle format).  And don’t forget to check out the Love in Small Town Release Blitz for more information and maybe even some other giveaways. Follow me and the other authors in this bundle on FB and/or twitter to get updates on links and posts throughout the blog tour!

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Love in a Small Town: Ten Homespun and Heartwarming Contemporary Romances (Crimson
Romance Bundle) includes:


   California Sunset by Casey Dawes – “…pulls at your heart making you feel what you didn’t know you could.”

        Slow Ride by Kat Morrisey - “The chemistry between Kyla and Copper is so hot you will need a cool glass of water…”

        Coming Home by Christine S. Feldman – “…an emotional ride, beautifully written and developed.”

        Begin Again by Christy Newton – “…a sweet, poignant small town romance which is a pleasure to read.”

        Lake Effect by Johannah Bryson - “…flirty, fun, and just right to take your troubles away for awhile.”

        All About Charming Alice by J. Arlene Culiner – “…an emotional, heartfelt, dazzling experience.”

        Broken Wings, Soaring Hearts by Beverly A. Rogers – “…a sweet, deep and very inspiring and fast read with a great plot that will keep you hooked…”

        Charmed by Inés Saint – “…a charmingly sweet romance with warmth and humor that you will enjoy throughout the book.”

        Angel Without Wings by Mari Manning – “A story about family, love, and redemption…”

        Breaking the Rules by Melinda Dozier – “…a beautiful romance about taking risks and second chances.”

Barnes and Noble

More information at Crimson Romance

WIPpet Wednesday & ROW80: Moving Forward

Oh what a crazy week it’s been since last Wednesday! I didn’t check in on Sunday for ROW80 because I was crazy busy setting up for my cousin’s graduation party and praying that the rain would stay away until AFTER it was over. Thankfully, it did, for the most part. There was a bit of sprinkles here and there, but people were still swimming and bouncing around in the bounce house my aunt rented. Yeah, my 18 year old cousin and her friends wanted a bouncy house. LOL (And yeah, I got in it, too. Those things are hard to get out of!) Needless to say, in terms of ROw80, I did make all my goals last week (WOOHOO!!!) and kept my goals for this week the same.

I did want to mention that, Friday, I went off on an epic rant based on some crazy stuff that had been happening, well, everywhere in the world and wrote a pretty passionate post (imo, anyway). It’s not political or anything, and actually discusses the need for diversity not only in life, but also in the books we read. I’d love to hear what others -both writers and readers- think on the subject, so feel free to read that and comment, if you’d like to chime in. There is also an AMAZING video from John Legend (swooooon!) I embedded in that post that I think everyone should watch.

Okay, so, time for another snippet, yeah? Today I’ll be giving you 21 paragraphs (7+15+2+0+1-4=21) from Wanted (Ashten Falls, #2). Many of these paragraphs are short (some just one line) since there is a bunch of dialogue in this scene. For a bit of context, this scene is between Sam and his best friend, Roger. Sam and Emma had a pretty epic fight when he found that she was writing a story on him (and others in town). (She’s a freelance writer).  Sam was not happy about this when he found out. A fight ensued, things were said (some of them not so nice), and he walked out. This unedited scene occurs after their fight in the MS, about one week after in the timeline (Note: this isn’t as hot as last week, but there is some language…Sam and Roger swear a lot, especially when one, or both, are mad about something. LOL):

“What a fucking miserable week,” Sam muttered as he drove another nail into the floor. He’d been spending some time here lately, alone, working off his anger and frustration on the unfinished space. The plan had always been to get this place done, so he could rent out the bottom lofts and move into this one. Something had been holding him back though. And now, now that he had time and energy to work on it, it was the last place he wanted to be. His mind had been elsewhere all week. He’d been blowing off Roger and staying away from the bookstore. And he wouldn’t even drive by the motel, let alone go in it. He’d asked Tracey to get some of his clothes and things he needed. And she did it, but she’d been pissed. She walked into the loft, tossed his stuff on the floor, and called him a jackass before storming back out.

So much for sibling loyalty.

He continued to pound mercilessly at the floor. He glanced back as the elevator door opened and Roger walked out, pizza in one hand, a case of beer in another.

“Come on, old man. You’ve been torturing this floor and yourself, enough. Get off your ass and talk to me.”

Sam pushed himself up and sauntered over to the workhorses he’d set up for a table. He grabbed a beer from the case. “What are you, my fucking therapist? We need to talk about our feelings or some shit?”

Roger grunted. “No man, I ain’t that. But I see your miserable and a certain woman is even more so. She won’t look me or anyone in the eye and has been avoiding her friends over whatever went down between you two. So tell me what the fuck happened.”

Sam kept his mouth shut until after he’d eaten two slices of pizza and was working on his second beer. “She’s writing a story for some magazine about the town, some tourist magazine. It’s a series, about the town, it’s businesses and some of it’s residents. From what I saw she’s done a great job and gotten a ton of great stuff. She’s profiling Rose, Steve, Cooper and Kyla. Even Tommy.”

“Yeah, so what the fuck is the problem?”

“She’s got you and me, too. And she has all this, I don’t know, background information and quotes from people about what they think of us. All this bullshit about us being heroes, some stuff about Cheryl, our businesses. I read it and I flipped out.”

Roger’s silence was heavy and permeated the large space. Sam waited for Roger to lose his shit, eyeing any nearby object which could become a victim of his rage.

“You need to say you’re sorry.”

Sam nearly choked on his beer. “What did you say?”

“You heard me. You fucked up, you need to apologize.”

“What the fuck did I do?” Sam stood, his defenses up, again.

“You freaked out over things other people said. She was collecting information, Sam. Yeah she should have told you, but she isn’t some evil mastermind trying to use the information for dark purposes. She’s trying to bring business and tourism back. She trying to do something good for a place she didn’t even grow up in and has no loyalty to. I don’t like it when people call us heroes, either. You know that. But that’s how they see us. We can’t change that unless we want to be dicks, which we aren’t. At least, not most of the time. Getting pissed off about it, and fighting with someone you care about over things neither she nor you can control, is fuckin stupid. So get your head out of your ass, and apologize.” Roger grabbed another slice of pizza and shrugged. “And ya know, you could always offer to give her the information she needs yourself. I’d be happy to talk to her, as long as my business is the primary focus. That would give you back some of the control you’re freaking out about losing.”

When the fuck had Roger become the sage of reasonableness and rationality? Had Sam entered another dimension? He grabbed another beer and his hammer. He was annoyed. Everything Roger said made sense. Sam had lost his mind and ruined a great night, and a great relationship, over his own inability to accept how people saw him. Why the fuck did he care, anyway? He knelt down and grabbed another piece of flooring.

“You going to work or go to your girl?”

“I need to think,” Sam bit out. How the hell was he going to make it up to Emma for being a prime asshole?

“It’s going to work out. No way she’d look this miserable if she didn’t want you back.” He grabbed some nails and an extra hammer. “Let’s finish this floor. Maybe in about ten years, this place will be ready for you to move in to.”

“Shut the fuck up, man,” Sam muttered.

Roger’s laugh echoed around the loft, and Sam couldn’t help but smile. 

Yeah, Sam messed up, big time! Which of course means, there will be a grovel coming. I love a good grovel. :D

And now for my weekly ROW80 update. I’m happy to report I’ve made a bunch of progress with my writing. I’ve gotten quite a bit of revisions done on West Merriton, and I’ve continued to add to my word count on the PNR WiP I’m working on. Oh, and I also started working on a possible novella idea I came up with, but I’m not doing anything serious with it. I’m mainly just dabbling in it whenever the urge strikes. So, here are my goals for the week, and how I’ve been doing this week:

  • Write or revise a minimum of 1 hour every day: I’m continuing to hit this goal daily which makes me a very, very happy writer. 
  • Post a minimum of one ROW80 Update per week
  • Post a non-ROW80 post once per week: This will likely be my weekly Book Blog Walkers update and Friday Fusion posts, just like last. Feel free to check them out, if you’d like!
  • Walk 5 times per week: It’s been another stormy week this week so other than Sunday, I didn’t get any walks in. That’s okay though, I’ll get ‘em every day the rest of the week. (And bonus–> the weather is going to be a lot cooler…only 70-75 so this will be perfect walking weather for me!)


All in all, things are going well in terms of my goals. How are you doing? Are summer plans and vacations making you tweak your goals at all or did you consider that when making your goals? I hope you’re having a great week and good luck the rest of the week!!

Friday Fusion [6]: Perspective and an Epic (for me) Rant

Photo Credit: Mark Vegas, https://www.flickr.com/photos/vegas/768782063/in/photolist-2aWd8a-48n4LY-4DY5H7-7uCTD-7uCTE-5dwPd6-48J18i-63UxRL-e6qmde-5cgSv2-9LDdiB-2aWfYB-4QLmqb-7jsdJs-9dApMZ-7a9VYA-9g9fFf-8GfV5p-hhKT-63QjWB


I got the idea to showcase this week’s song from two awesome people on Twitter that I follow. For those of you who haven’t heard the latest controversy, there was a horrible article written that basically says people who are overweight should feel ashamed of themselves. This isn’t all that is said and it’s a grossly understated statement, so I urge you to read the responding article written about by the amazing Jenny Trout. She outlines what is said and responds to it, way better than I could.

Anyway, I got the idea for the song for today’s Friday Fusion, from Katie, (@Katiebabs on twitter). She noted in a tweet:

I’d always loved this song, but I’m not much of a video watcher. Not since MTV stopped airing videos. So when she tweeted the link to the video and I wateched it, well, holy hell. This makes me love the song even more. Here is that video, embedded for your viewing (and listening) pleasure:


The article and blog post I mention, and this video, segues nicely to a blog post I read discussing lack of diversity by Marquetta at Loves to Read For Fun. She talked about the lack of older heroines and heroines who embrace sex and are unapologetic about having it and liking it, among other items we don’t often see in romance (or, really, anywhere). It’s a great post and I even ranted a bit in my own comment. I urge you to read this, as well. I’m going to continue my rant a bit here because that’s how fired up I am over all this craziness about weight, size and sameness not only in books, but in the world. I never (or rarely) rant. But something triggered this and I can’t not rant. I need to get it out so I hope you’ll bear with me.

My big thing is, why the heck are people so hung up on looks? Still? In 2014? Why can’t we embrace diversity in everything? And why must people be so judgey (I know this isn’t an actual word, but I’m using it anyway), about weight and size? Why must we all strive to live up to a set of standards that are set by…well, hell…I don’t even know who they are set by! The media? The public? The fashion industry? Hollywood? Aliens? I mean, who the fuck are they, already? 

Cause whoever they are and me, well we need to have a sit down…

When it comes to weight or size or whatever you want to call it, why do people care so much? Don’t tell me it’s a “health” thing, because someone calling someone a fat ass or mocking them or shaming them for their weight isn’t a concern for health. That’s just cruelty for cruelty’s sake. I’m not a size 6. And I never will be. I have hips, and ass, and apparently, curves in the wrong places, wherever those are. But you know what? I’m sick and tired of being judged for it. I’m ME! And if people don’t like me because I’m not a perfect size or weight, or have a scar that will be with me forever, or wear glasses, or have plain brown hair, or just normal green eyes, well, you know what? FUCK ‘EM!

I’m done with peoples’ so called ‘health’ concerns over this. It’s not health. Judgey people just don’t want to look at something they don’t find attractive in their judgey, cruel world. Well, guess what, assholes, I don’t find your judgey-ness attractive. So, fuck you.

And this brings me to the mini-rant I had on Marquetta’s post: I noted that women in books (romance in particular) don’t often have scars, or at least they aren’t pointed out often. And I don’t want them dwelled on, but seeing a woman with scar on her forehead from a fall off a bike when she was 8, or one of her chest from when she had major life saving surgery? (Gemma on SOA has this, and it doesn’t make her less bad ass or beautiful. Oh, and btw, I have one too-just like Gemma’s. And it doesn’t make me not beautiful!) I also weigh more than I should, but guess what? I walk 3-5 times a week and do bootcamp. So yeah, people who want to shame me for being what you consider ‘fat’, I get off my fat ass and work-out! Try not to be so shocked and disgusted to think of me, in my fatty clothes, at the gym, being healthy but not the size and weight YOU want me to be! 

Which brings me back to the John Legend video. I cried watching it. A lot. Like big, sobbing cries. When I saw the cancer survivor? I cried, because that is similar to my mom’s scars. And those scars don’t make her less beautiful. When I saw the young girl with the birth mark on her face–that doesn’t make her less because she doesn’t fit into the ‘flawless skin’ category. And the pretty blonde who some assholes would call ‘heavy’? I think she’s gorgeous. I think each and every one of those people is beautiful because they’re themselves. They’re unique. And they deserve to be loved for who they are, not what they look, or don’t look, like.

So whether it’s age, weight, scars, curves where they should or shouldn’t be, hair color, eye color, glasses, no glasses, breasts or lack thereof, or whatever, let’s see more acceptance of all of it. And more of it in the books we read and write. As a writer myself, I am going to push myself to do just that. I want to see a character with a scar like mine. Or my mom’s. I want to see women who struggle with the mean people of the world judging them for their jean size and then I want to see those women embracing that jean size, whether it’s a 4 or a 24. And I want to see women of all shapes, ages, and sizes enjoying sex and wanting more of it. And I want to see them falling in love, and being loved.

I want to see, finally, the people who love these women, no matter that woman’s size, age, shape, skin color, scars, eye color, hair color, breast size, etc. I want to see those people love these women just for the simple reason that they are strong, awesome, wonderful, caring, fantastic, sweet, wild, sexy, amazing individuals. 

And you know what, seeing a hero who isn’t perfect -visually- wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

I’m sorry, but not sorry, for this rant. And I know it’s all over the place, and might not  make complete sense. But I’m angry. And yelling and raging as I type is better than letting women like that Linda chick, or anyone else like her, make me cry. I’m done crying.

Oh, and by the way, as Marquetta mentions on her blog, go get Fanning the Flames by Victoria Dahl. It is, in my opinion, an epic novella that I will read over and over again for the simple reason that the hero and heroine are over 40 and…wait for it…want to have s-e-x!! Oh my god, nooooo! The world is ending! They have sex, they like it, and dear god, they want to have more of it!

Well, hell yeah they do. And I know that I’m all the happier about that. And if you too want to read about such a horrid, disgusting, amazingly hot and delicious thing, well you can get it FREE (at the time of this posting anyway. Check the price BEFORE you one click, you dirty, dirty reader!). Here are the links:


I must be a horrible individual for wanting heroines who don’t all look the same,are over 30 (and even better if over 35 or 40), have lots of dirty, awesome sex, have scars *gasp!*, and aren’t, in a word, perfect. Well, then I embrace my horribleness with gusto, damn it.

Have a great weekend everyone and feel free to comment about the issues I’ve brought up (or even just the song I’ve picked for this week’s post) in the comments!

Book Blog Walkers [4]: Week of July 11, 2014

Book Blog Walkers is a fitness challenge by Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog –for details go check out the info page and come join the fun! 


Ohmygawd. I suck at staying up to date with this! Every good intention I’ve had has been blown to bits by a June that was so busy and hectic, the fact I’m not in a straight jacket is a miracle in itself.

I’m happy to say that trips to Boston to see specialists (where everything went great, yay!!) are over. For now anyway.  And so done is my bout with poison sumac or ivy or oak or whatever the heck that was. I had such a bad reaction (apparently I have a critical allergy to it. Fun times! -.-) and ended up on antibiotics and steroids. Worst part–it was in/on my eye. That was scary.

But like I said, that nonsense is mostly healed, my docs have said things are looking good, and so I’m moving ahead. And that includes, with continuing my weekly walks and workouts.

Last week was a bit scattered (I only got in two walks and bootcamp was cancelled because of the holiday here), but this week I’m a bit better.

  • Monday: 20 mins strength training workout at home
  • Tuesday: same as Monday
  • Wednesday: 48 minute power walk (2.77 miles)
  • Thursday: 55 minutes at Bootcamp
  • Friday: 50 minute power walk (This technically isn’t done yet but I’m heading out for this right after I hit publish, so I’m counting this as done…or almost done. LOL)


In audio book news, I had a 20 dollar credit at audible so I downloaded Kristen Ashley’s WILD MAN and am really enjoying the narrator. It makes me want to keep walking. And walking. And walking. Which is, of course, not a bad thing!

How’ve you been doing? Is your summer busy? How do you juggle blogging and every day duties like work, family, vacations, etc, especially at this time of year? I definitely need to get better at it! I hope everyone has a great -and active- week!!

My First WIPpet Wednesday & A Quick ROW80 Update

My first WIPpet Wednesday! I’m freaking out, because…because I’m a big chicken and even though I’ve already published one book, I still get nervous putting things out there. But, I’m going to do it anyway. *acts brave*

First, a bit of background. I’ve been working on this book, tentatively titled “Wanted”, for awhile now. It is the second in my Ashten Falls series and focuses on Sam Copeland, a protective, bossy,  sweet, dirty talking hero, and Emma Michaels, a heroine who isn’t afraid to fight for, and to stand up to, her man. This snippet is 24 paragraphs (7+9+2+0+1+4+1 for luck, :)) and occurs when Sam and Emma decide to explore the intense attraction they have for each other. We all know how that goes, right?

(Please note, this material contains material that some may find objectionable–cursing and a bit of smexy time/language to be exact. You have been warned. ;D Also, this is an unedited version so I apologize for any typos I might have missed!) 

She jumped, startled by the contact.
“You okay, Emma?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.” Her answer was quicker than she wanted it to be, but she couldn’t help it. He was closer than she realized and her body was giving her mixed signals-her brain telling her to run like hell, while another part was telling her to kiss him like mad.
Sam dipped his head down and Emma’s lips parted. She watched his eyes flare with heat, his focus on her mouth. “You don’t seem fine. And by the way you’re staring at my mouth, you’re telling me to kiss you. I don’t want to fuck this up with some weird crossed signals.”
She swallowed, fighting the urge to run and never look back. “Sam, it’s…I don’t really know you, and we, I mean. I don’t.” She was babbling, unable to form a coherent sentence as he watched to her. “I’m friends with Tracey and if something happens between us, well it could be awkward.” She finally managed, keeping her eyes on his shoulder.
Sam’s finger slid under her chin and he lifted it. “Don’t look away from me.”  His order sent a shiver through her entire body which she knew he felt. She saw the proof in his eyes and the way his fingers gripped her hips. “Can you agree that there seems to be some serious chemistry between us?”
Emma could only nod as she leaned toward him.
“God, I see you and the way you wear those jeans and all I can think about is peeling them off of you.”
Emma’s breath hitched. “Sam, I don’t know how long I’m here for. And I’m not in the market for a relationship.”
Sam mouth moved closer and she felt the first brush of his lips on hers. “Neither am I. We’re both adults. We don’t need to make a federal case out of scratching an itch that we both need scratched. If that’s what you want.”
Emma mulled over Sam’s words in her head. His nearness made it nearly impossible to think but think she did. He was giving her the choice, letting her decide if the two of them should enter into some sort of casual, sexual relationship. Emma was no prude, nor was she was a virgin. She wasn’t someone who slept with random men though, either. But Sam wasn’t a random guy.
“I don’t sleep around with more than one guy at a time, whether it’s just sex, or whether it’s more than that.”
“I agree with that.” He licked her bottom lip and she placed her hands on his hips, hanging on for dear life. “If we’re sleeping together, it’s just you and I.”
She nodded. “Protection, every time.” No way in hell was she going to risk getting an STD for a romp in the hay. Her birth control pills would allay any pregnancy concerns.
He wrapped a hand around her waist and yanked her to him so she was flush with his body. He kissed her mouth, dipping his tongue inside as she moaned. Her hands rose to wrap around his shoulders and she dug her fingers into his jacket. He had her up against his door in two seconds flat and his thigh between her legs before she could blink.
She was well on her way to an orgasm just from riding his leg when she heard a car backfire, tossing her heartlessly back into reality.
“Fuck,” he muttered, drawing back barely an inch. “I can’t do this right now, Emma, but we will be finishing this.” His hand slid down and cupped her sex. She bit her lip but not in time to stop the moan that escaped. Sam grinned and kissed her softly on the lips. “Yeah, I’ll want to hear a lot more of that, but even louder, when you come around my cock.”
Feeling brave and throwing caution to the wind, Emma leaned in and kissed his jaw, then moved to his ear. She nipped his earlobe and his fingers tightened at her hips. She’d have bruises there, but she didn’t care. “I think I can handle that.” She leaned back but not before sliding her fingers along the bulge in his pants. “Don’t let me wait too long, Sam.”
Emma could see the conflict in his eyes. He wanted to stay and having that kind of power over a man like Sam, well that sorta thrilled her.
His eyes lingered on her chest where she knew her hardened nipples were on display through her shirt, as was her midriff from that wrangling against the door. “Get inside and lock the door. You’ll see me soon enough.”
Emma held back her sigh as his words had her feeling like she was melting inside. 
He knocked. “I didn’t hear the latch.”
She giggled and turned the latch, adding the dead bolt. “Good girl,” she heard muttered and then his boots on the sidewalk as he walked away.
She smiled, proud of herself for living life on the edge and taking a risk with a man like Sam. “Sam, if you only knew the things I wanted to do to you, you wouldn’t think I was so good.”


And now for a quick check in for ROW80. And get this–> and I have actual progress! Woohoo!

  • Write or revise a minimum of 1 hour every day: I’ve hit this, and exceeded it, every day this week. *high fives*
  • Post a minimum of one ROW80 Update per week
  • Post a non-ROW80 post once per week: I’ve no idea what I’m going to post for this. But I’ll come up with something before Sunday! :D 
  • Walk 3 times per week and attend Bootcamp: Because of storms, I’ve only gotten one walk in so far, but I have been doing some of the super sets that my trainer has me do at class, while the storms raged. I had to make a good use of the power outages we had, after all! 


I did want to mention one of my Round goals (completing Camp NaNoWriMo), and give an update on that. I had initially started out with 30K words for a goal. Well, it’s July 9th and between finishing the end  of “Wanted” and working on “the WiP that is making me write it, right now”, I’m up to 23,423 words. I’m stunned. I have never  written this much, (in addition to the character sketches and other background info I’ve written), in such a short amount of time. So given my progress I think I will up my goal to 40k.

That’s it for me, this week. I hope you enjoyed the snippet of “Wanted” and please, feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments-whether they’re good bad, or well, whatever they are. Have a great week and good luck with your goals, writing and otherwise!